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Volunteer Committee Positions

By juniorcorps - Posted on 02 August 2010

Fundraising Committee Director

The fundraising committee shall operate more as a Task Force team with a Director rather than a chairman. The nature of our fundraising goals requires that on a monthly basis the Director shall assemble a task force to plan, schedule, prepare and execute fundraising projects and/or event(s). Prior fundraising experience and success with a nonprofit coporation is preferred.

The responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee Director shall include:
  • Establish the overall fundraising plan for the year and direct the activities to meet the plan.
  • Develop a fundraising calendar for the year (send it to the web page, the board, and the members).
  • Recruit volunteers for the Task Force team.
  • Appoint, nominate or otherwise elect a leader for each major event as the nature of the plans warrant.
  • Work with the finance committee and treasurer to establish the financial goals for the year.
  • Create a presentation that shows exactly what the money will be used for.
  • Communicate regularly with the board and provide status of all fundraising projects.

Nomination Committee Chairman

The responsibilities of the Nomination Committee Chairman shall include:
  • Arrange with other members of the committee to meet and select a slate of candidates to serve on the Board of Directors for the next year, following the rules and time regulations set forth by the Articles and Bylaws.
  • Receive an oral or written confirmation from each candidate that he/she is willing to serve.
  • Submit the proposed slate to the Board of Directors as specified by the Articles and Bylaws.
  • Preside at the annual election if the President is a nominee.

Contest Coordinator

The Contest Coordinator shall be responsible for all aspects of organizing and running a successful drum and bugle corps competition as a function of the Fund Raising Committee. This person will work closely with the Food Service, Advertising and Public Relations chairmen.

The responsibilities of the Contest Coordinator shall include:
  • Liaison with Drum Corps International or other sanctioning organization to acquire a contest date and line-up of competing corps.
  • Communication with each competing corps prior to arrival regarding housing/practice sites, time of appearance and other items which will ensure a comfortable and memorable visit.
  • Contract for a suitable contest site.
  • Recruit volunteers for the various functions including: corps housing and practice sites, judges housing and transportation, concessions, program book ad sales, program book and other print media layout and production, corps hosts, ticket sales (advance and on-site), souvenir setup and sales, day-of-show staff.
  • Ensure comprehensive advertising prior to the event.

Equipment Committee Chairman

Coordinates the storage and transport of equipment and uniforms with the quartermaster staff. Works closely with the Uniform Committee Chairman and the Transportation Committee Director.
  • Appoint, nominate or otherwise elect a Quartermaster and any required staff.

Travel / Tour Coordinator

The Travel/Tour Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all logistics for moving the corps from place-to-place for competitions, exhibitions, parades and other performances. Works closely with the Corps Director, Transportation Director, Food Service Director and Souvenir Sales Chairman.

The responsibilities of the Travel/Tour Coordinator shall include:
  • Main contact between corps and show sponsors pertaining to housing, practice sites, contest site information.
  • Plots routes, provides maps, locates medical facilities enroute, arranges for mail drops.
  • Plots fueling and sanitation stops.
  • Prepares daily schedules for handout to members. Keeps schedule board updated on tour.
  • Arranges meals on the road not provided by the corps Food Service staff.

Transportation Committee Director

Responsible for all rolling stock including buses, equipment truck, cook truck, pit movement and any other corps vehicles. Works closely with Travel/Tour Coordinator, Food Service Committee Chairman, and Corps Manager.

Transportation Committee Director responsibilities shall include:
  • Procurement and maintenance of all vehicles with reliability, safety and comfort of utmost importance.
  • Recruit mechanic(s) who can keep vehicles in perfect operational order and/or have local shops who will perform work at a discounted rate.
  • Recruit, train and license drivers (or hire if need be,) as well as monitor driving performance on a twice-yearly basis with the DMV .
  • Keeping insurance on all vehicles up-to-date.
  • Keep tax exempt documents handy for fuel and maintenance purchases.

Food Service Committee Chairman

The Food Service Committee Chairman is responsible for all aspects of procuring food, cooking equipment, utensils, etc. The preparation and serving of food while on tour is accomplished while adhering to the corps travel, rehearsal, performance and sleep schedules. Works closely with Travel/Tour Coordinator, Transporation Committee Chairman and Contest Coordinator.

The responsibilities of the Food Service Committee Chairman shall include:
  • Maintains tax-exempt membership in shopping clubs such as Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s, etc. in order to purchase food and supplies in bulk while on the road.
  • Scouts out and contacts supermarkets along tour route. Provides copies of tax exempt documents.
  • Ensures the purchase of nutritious and ample food for three daily meals and snacks as necessary.
  • Maintains interior of cook truck to ensure it is kept in a sanitary condition according to Health Department standards.
  • Provides food and beverage as well as concession staff for corps’ drum corps competition(s) and other events at which food will be served.
  • Recruits volunteers to staff cook truck while on tour and at events where food will be served.

Advertising and Public Relations Director

The Advertising and Public Relations Director will be responsible for positively promoting the corps and fostering a positive public image. Make the public, drum corps sanctioning organizations, sponsors, and all other persons or organizations from whom the corps could benefit aware of corps fund raising, exhibitions, competitions, recruiting, and any other corps activity. Works closely with the Corps Manager and all Committee Directors and Coordinators.

The responsibilities of the Advertising and Public Relations Director shall include:
  • All advertising media design, layout, finding and hiring production facilities, monitoring production, proofing and distribution.
  • Writing articles, press releases, advertising and corps literature.
  • Coordinate and contribute to production of corps videos/DVD's/CD's, etc. for sale, on website and at corps functions.
  • Provide design assistance for production of souvenir items and mobile souvenir kiosk.
  • Design and production of corps yearbook.

Uniform Committee Chairman

The Uniform Committee Chairman shall be responsible for the organization, maintenance, storage and overall care of all uniform parts. This person will work closely with the Corps Manager, Travel/Tour Coordinator and Transportation Committee Director.

The responsibilities of the Uniform Committee Chairman shall include:
  • Recruiting volunteers to assist with maintenance and repairs to uniform parts as necessary including sewing, laundering, dry-cleaning.
  • Work with Transportation Director to ensure adequate uniform storage inside equipment truck that will keep uniforms protected from damage by other items in transit.
  • Work with Travel/Tour Coordinator to plot out laundry/cleaning facilites on the road, making necessary appointments to ensure a timely completion, providing tax-exempt documents as necessary.
  • Recruiting volunteers to accompany the corps on tour in order to maintain uniforms in top condition.

Purchasing / Souvenir Sales Committee Chairman

The Purchasing/Souvenir Sales Committee Chairman is responsible for all items to be sold by the corps of a fund raising nature. This person will work closely with the Corps Manager, Advertising/Public Relations, Transportation, Travel/Tour, and Contest Committee Chairman/Coordinators.

The responsibilities of the Purchasing/Souvenir Sales Committee Chairman shall include:
  • Seek out vendors to supply wearable items, buttons, patches, decals, posters and any other items sold as souvenirs and/or fund raising items, as well as to be given as thank-you premiums to sponsors.
  • Submit purchasing/sales budget to Corps Manager.
  • Ensure all items are purchased using tax exempt documentation.
  • Arrange for drop sites on tour to replenish stock.
  • Arrange for banking on tour to safely deposit proceeds from sales.
  • Assist with design and construction of souvenir kiosk.
  • Recruit volunteers to work at souvenir kiosk both at home and on tour.
  • Ensure timely arrival at contest sites for souvenir sales.

Sponsor Liaison Committee Chairman

The Sponsor Liaison Committee Chairman shall be responsible for maintaining successful relationships with all companies and individuals who provide sponsorship via equipment, publicity, financial, or other significant forms of support. This person works closely with the Corps Manager, Fund Raising, Legal Counsel, Advertising and Public Relations Committee Chairmen.

The responsibilities of the Sponsor Liaison Committee Chairman shall include:
  • Seek out and nurture possible equipment sponsors to enable the corps to cut equipment purchase costs.
  • Once financial support has been established, maintain positive relationships to enhance continued support opportunities.
  • Along with Fund Raising Director, establish an ongoing, multi-level giving program such as “Friends of the Kingsmen”.
  • Provide tangible premiums as well as items such as event tickets to sponsors to express the corps’ appreciation.

Legal Counsel Committee Chairman

The Legal Counsel Committee Chairman shall be responsible for locating and hiring an attorney who specializes in non-profit youth organizations. The ideal attorney would work pro bono or at a reduced fee. This person works closely with the Corps Manager, the Advertising/Public Relations Committee Chairman and the Board of Directors.

  • Assembles a committee to discuss and resolve legal issues under the guidance of the corps’ attorney.
  • Checks all legal documents for accuracy and submits to corps attorney for review.
  • Acts as liaison between the Board of Directors and corps attorney for all legal questions.

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