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10 favorite jazz works from DCI’s first decade - Tuesday, April 30, is the second annual International Jazz Day, organized by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the United Nations to celebrate “the virtues of ... []

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Make March 4 National Marching Arts Day!

Sign the petition to establish March 4 as National Marching Arts Day -

You can help! March forth to establish March 4th as National Marching Arts Day

By establishing March 4 as "National Marching Arts Day," we will spotlight and celebrate the positive effects on young people and our society from l...

Kingsmen Mission Statement

A California Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Corporation


To create an organization of people with great attitudes, winning strategies and a fearless commitment to become Drum Corps International Champions. To see our young people become great performers, experienced leaders and exceptional citizens.


To create performing arts programs which enrich the lives of young people through our commitment to the achievement of performance excellence. This commitment combined with participation in competitive Drum & Bugle Corps activities creates an educational environment where young people learn the important values of dedication, self-discipline, self-confidence, character and achievement. With this unique experience, our young people carry these key values back into the community.


•   We intend to create an organization that is comprised of people who share the common goal of becoming Drum Corps International Champions.

•   We intend to invite experienced people to help create and oversee the philosophy and strategies that will be used to manage and motivate the organization.

•   We intend to carry forward the good traditions of drum corps and filter out the bad.

•   We intend to use our past experiences as well as the experiences we have observed of other great organizations to create the ultimate competitive drum & bugle corps.

•   We intend to create an organization that is financially stable and has a life of permanent existence as a drum & bugle corps.

•   We intend to be fair and democratic when making any decisions that affect our organization.

•   We intend to abide by the rules and bylaws of the Kingsmen StarCorps.

•   Any and all funds donated or otherwise will strictly be used for the operation of the organization.

2012 DCI World Championship video sampler

2012 DCI World Championship video sampler - As we near the beginning of January and ceremoniously roll the calendar over for the official start of the New Year, take a look back with us at the incredible performances that made the 2012 DCI World Championship in Indianapolis one of the f... []

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June 2012 Newsletter

Kingsmen News for June 2012

New Kingsmen Fan Page!

The Kingsmen Drum & Bugle Corps has a new fan page on Facebook.

Please visit our new page and click "Like" so that we can keep you informed of our upcoming events.

Our new Facebook Page is located here:

Kingsmen Souvenirs for Sale!

There is a limited supply of Kingsmen Souvenirs for sale.

To see what items are available please visit

We need some people to serve on the Board of Directors!

The Kingsmen Starcorps needs some new people to serve on the Board of Directors. Experience with Fund Raising programs is a plus.

Please send an email to Phil Norris:

if you are interested in helping our organization.

Thank you.

1972 Anaheim Kingsmen DCI Video

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of DCI, which is also the 1972 Kingsmen (DCI World Champions) 40th Reunion, here is a link to the video of 1972 Anaheim Kingsmen DCI performance:

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